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  • #1 Way to avoid failure, a Real Business Plan.
  • It is a vital tool for raising capital (MONEY).
  • Proves your financial understanding to investors.
  • Proves your expert knowledge of your market.
  • Sets realistic and attainable goals within your reach.
  • Forces you to think about all aspects of the business.
  • Highlights all the risks and answers ALL.
  • It is your BLUEPRINT for success, a daily reference.
  • A Mentor is success insurance, an "Investment" in you.
Small Biz
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The Koz is an entrepreneurial leader, business consultant, strategic thinker and coach who is successful at consulting, coaching, bringing work from the drawing board to profitability. Highly adept at building new businesses, turnarounds, restructuring initiatives and starting a business.  Provides expertise in technology management, development and financing, operations management and creating shareholder value. The Koz is who will help you achieve success.

Robert Kozlowski

Foundation Plan

"Businesses are like buildings, built from brick, mortar and stone, if they last, they started with a solid plan."


"Foundations are built from plans and all Small Businesses need a solid foundation (A Plan) to build upon. A business without a foundation is shaky at best or a financial disaster at worst. Don't risk everything!"

Small Biz

Why Hire A Business Consultant?

An experienced consultant with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of business in many industries is very hard to find, but you have found him. The value of such an individual is an integrated understanding of what works and what does not, this means you get started as fast as possible, you save money from making costly mistakes and generate the most money as efficiently as possible. These are the things that business school did not teach me. The details experience gives you makes all the difference. Jumping into business without master experience by your side is dangerous, the statistics speak for themselves. If you want to make money and keep it, pickup the phone and call: 416-986-4686

A Consultant Can Help You Make A Business Plan

Planning a venture, be it a base plan, marketing plan or management plan is one of the most important things that young companies fail to do, usually due to a lack of knowledge. We all understand that selling your wares is paramount but not knowing all the details to protect and maximize your revenue can force you into bankruptcy. There are hidden potential disasters that face every company, a thorough plan will flush them out. Fortunately there are professionals (The Koz) that can coach you through the management, marketing and base planning requirements. If you want to make money and keep it, pickup the phone and call: 416-986-4686

Let The Koz Help You Make Your Project A Success

The Koz has spent years directly and literally making millions for companies big and small. With a strong track record of finding new opportunities and monetizing them, The Koz has taken these opportunities from the drawing board to the bank. United with The Koz you will make a forceful team. The Koz will be with you every step of the way. There are so many ways The Koz can help a company, let him help you. If you want to make money and keep it, pickup the phone and call: 416-986-4686

Robert Kozlowski