"I am very impressed."


Jay Forbes, CEO, Bell Aliant

Referring to my Small Business product model created for Bell Aliant. Based on a hidden opportunity I identified in the company.

"You have certainly been an excellent ambassador and have contributed to more business for ISM."


J. Gordon Garret, Chairman and CEO,  IBM Outsourcing (ISM)

"Robert’s professionalism made it a pleasure to work with him."


Andy Woyzbun, Chief Information Officer, ADP Canada

"When I look good, it is because Robert makes me look good."


Paul Khawaja, President, Xwave

Mr. Khawaja has a $500 million portfolio at Xwave.

"I have been impressed with Robert’s ability to walk into a tornado and take control - in fact; he seems to thrive on this type of environment."


Gery Czirjak,  Cisco Systems

"I strongly recommend Robert to any prospective client, who would immensely benefit from his experience."


Surendra Shetty, Director of Finance, Xwave

"Anyone planning on hiring Robert will benefit from his desire to do a great job."


Walter W. Matvichuk, Manager Technical Application Support, TKM

"Robert is a man of great integrity who is extremely dedicated, dependable and conscientious."


Diane Heinecke, Business Development Office, Xwave

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