Starting A Business

Starting a Business Package

Integrated Business Plan

90% of Small Businesses fail, what makes you think you’re in the other 10%?


Starting a new business is exciting.  You have worked hard to get here and  you’re probably using hard earned money.   Don’t risk losing it.  I will guide you through the process so you keep it.


Included in Package:

  • Business plan template if needed
  • Several business planning working sessions that will cover these topics:
  • Business plan critique, What works, What to change and goal setting. This session could be worth the value of your company, don’t miss it.
  • Your best business structure, Sole Proprietor, Limited Partnership or Incorporation, basic share structure.
  • How to register your business.
  • Business Strategy planning specific to your industry.
  • Best way to startup your business,  Capital estimates, Market potential.
  • Risk analysis on your business.
  • Who to hire. What to look for, most important traits for success.
  • Getting on the web.
  • Marketing, Where to advertise for your business, best use of your advertising budget.
  • How to close sales, sales team evaluation, do you have the right people to make it?
  • Risk Analysis, what to avoid. Taking the wrong risk could put you out of business in one day.
  • Developing unknown areas of the business.
  • How to get money from the bank.
  • How the different levels of government can help your business and you.

As I feel it is needed, I may refer you to a specific professional.  I have taken a lot of time to find these specialists that are tops in their field.  You can gain the benefits of my network and avoid hiring the wrong people, wasting precious time.  Professionals in my network have been chosen as the best providers of expertise and value. This may include but not limited to:

  1. Referrals to legal specialists in small business
  2. Referrals to seasoned accountants with substantial small business expertise
  3. Referrals to insurance specialists
  4. Referrals to marketing specialists
  5. Referrals to creative studios
  6. Referrals to web developers

Price : $1895 [ Buy Now - Contact THE KOZ ]

Why This Package?

  • Sets your business up fast, time is money
  • Takes the guess work out of your business
  • Eliminates risk from your business
  • Gets you thinking about the important parts of the business
  • Ensures you spend your money wisely