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Business CoachSometimes companies are faced with unique problems and they need someone to turn to, that will show them the way out or the path to the prize.  A second opinion of experience, through tough negotiations with a new supplier, a new contract or  acquisition, could mean a much bigger profit margin. A larger piece of the overall pie.   Presenting a companies true and “Future” potential in a professional and well thought out way, will get the most out of each deal.

As your business coach, I will give you peace of mind.


Do you know what an RFP or Tender is?


If your answer to this is “no” you could be missing some of the biggest business opportunities out there.   An RFP or Request For Proposal  (Tender) is when a company or government publishes the details of a business need and asks bidders (suppliers) to submit proposals in response to their needs.   The successful bidder typically lands a large contract.  For a small company this could mean a lot of new business and new opportunities. 


These proposals need an experienced strategist to win.


I have submitted and won over $100 Million in bids and I can show you how to find, write, structure, present and win these bids.


Project Management


Project ManagersSometimes the best way to ensure you get things done with the results you are expecting is to projectize the initiative. 


If you have landed a big contract and you want to ensure you keep it,  you might want to have a professional project manager run the kick off.


I have run 2 project offices and run multiple projects with multiple PMs.  Companies have entrusted me with multi-million dollar projects.

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Entrepreneurial leader and strategic thinker, successful at bringing work from the drawing board to profitability.  Highly adept at building new businesses, turnarounds and restructuring initiatives.  Provides expertise in technology management, business development, operations management and creating shareholder value.



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