IT Strategy

IT Strategy

IT Leadership Generates Revenue

IT LeadershipI can be your IT Strategy leader.  Small companies tend to hire technicians in a full or part time capacity, not getting the benefits of a senior IT business leader.


A senior IT leader will help you achieve your business goals and generate revenue. 


Technicians install systems and keep them working. 


This can be equated to turning on the lights in a building and keeping them on.  It is what you do in the building when the lights are on that makes you money. 


Most small companies can have their IT needs managed professionally in as little as 4 hours a month by a senior IT executive. 


I can have technology make you money.


Web Strategy


Not all small companies understand the value the World Wide Web has for small business.  Having a corporate web site is just the first step in the process of competition.  How you integrate into the rest of the world can not only inform customers of your products and services (assuming that they can find your web site) but implemented properly, an Internet Strategy can have great benefits:

  • web strategyPromoting your site properly, bringing business to your door.  Money, that’s what it’s all about.
  • Retain the customers that you have. Your top assets are your customers.  A great web experience keeps them coming back.
  • Produce an easy way for your customers to keep in touch with your company and order products. 
  • Allow customers access to automated information.
  • Produce structured orders with less confusion on product.
  • A good web strategy will steer traffic to your site and generate qualified sales leads.
  • Reduce the amount of work performed by staff while reducing ordering errors as well. 
  • A comprehensive web strategy will give you an edge over your competition.
  • Reflect the level of professionalism inside the company.
  • Disseminate news on the company or new products

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